TamilRockers 2019:

Most of us have heard the name of TamilRockers , but not clear , who are they.So, we gonna know 'who is tamilrockers' and how to open their website in just a minute ,So let's get started ....

They are pirated website for giving tamil movies for free ,So it's not easy to acces them but in this post i'm going to tell you three easy ways to quickly open or access the tamilrockers website...

Tamil Rocker Urls :

Because of it's piracy, even it's url is blocked by the the Indian Government but still many peoples  access it by the use of tor, VPNs and Proxy..

There is no particular URL of tamilrockers because it always keep changing but main url that is: "www.tamilrockers.com" redirects users to all new urls but this main url wouldn't open in chrome or google easily because it is blocked by the Indian government , So you will see a message like this :

"You are not authorized to access this Website"
"Site Cannot be Reached"

So, in this blog, You will  see how to download hd movies from the tamilrockers

But as per knowledge , there are some urls used by them ...

  • tamilrockers.mu
  • tamilrockers.cl
  • tamilrockers.vc
  • tamilrockers.gs
  • tamilrockers.gy
  • tamilrockers.pm
  • tamilrockers.la
  • tamilrockers.lu
  • tamilrockers.cc
  • tamilrockers.to
  • tamilrockers.be

But No need to do anyting, You just have to follow the post ahead:

Ways to Open TamilRocker website:

  1. Using a Proxy :

So, this is the simplest way to open any website in google ,So follow these steps :

go to google and search for "K- proxy" in the search bar and go to their website :

b) Remove google.com and type in "tamilrockers.com" and press the "Surf" Button :

Now you have your website opened :

2. Using VPN :

a) Download Any third party VPN like Hola vpn(for android in play store) and set your Location to "United Kingdom"

(If you are on windows the use VPN like ... Safer Vpn), Click on this link to download ... https://www.safervpn.com/apps/vpn-for-windows

b) After that open the url "www.tamilrockers.com" in your browser,

c) Now it will also Open

Enjoy the Movie !!!

3.Using Different Browser

 Download an another browser like UC browser (for android) and try to open that main url in it, You can also try Tor Browser (for windows) for it but it would be too high level for accessing these website ,So better to don't use it but it you want , You can download it by clicking on this link ... Download Tor

I think no need to tell about UC Browser :) 

Who Started it and why:

They are actually pretty unknown because not a single person leads a that big website , it's a team of bunch of peoples. The Kerla Police actually arrested 4 or 5 peoples for relation with tamilrockers,You cannot think how big this website it is , there is a very big fan following of tamilrockers in South India.

There are actually god for normal peoples that couldn't afford the high prices of cinema hall tickets but devil or nighmare for film makers and actors that get salary in crores ...

A famous actor "Vishal" also challenged tamilrockers but they also follow Vishal and ????

Government have pressure on most most of the ISP servers to block their url but i have already given Some ways to do it ... 

Is it legal or illegal:

However, Operating these kinds of website is fully illegal but downloading movies from these movies is not somehow illegal, Even if it's illegal , nothing matters because you won't get arrested or have to pay a plenty, because millions of peoples are using it ..

But making these kinds of website surely make you to Jail, as Sometimes tamilrockers also !!!

Which movies in TamilRocker :

You will mainly found tamil movies but also sometimes , bollywood movies of tamil heros are also available like of RajniKanth like ... Robot 2.0

At last , i would say "pay if you want to, but if not there is always tamilrockers to save money"